I will be running as a candidate for Coastal Promontory Ward in the upcoming South Gippsland Shire Council election. Please select an option below to read about my priorities and values.



I have lived near Fish Creek for many years and teach at the primary school. Through my involvement in local Arts and environmental organisations I have met many inspiring individuals and helped supportive communities grow.


There are many great community welfare, environment, farming and business initiatives happening here. I see a need for Council to make connections, to provide leadership and support. We need to work together for a sustainable future.


There is an urgent need to restore trust in our Council and for genuine and respectful communication between the community and the Shire. As a councillor, I would listen to community concerns and advocate for active community engagement in decision-making.


Our Council must plan for the increasing impacts of climate change. Our Shire should show leadership to protect our coastline, farmland and forests. I support the declaration of a Climate Emergency and urgent revision of Council planning policies & strategies to reflect this.


The beauty of our natural environment and our clean, green farm production are our great strengths. Farming and ecotourism are major sources of the prosperity of this region. The Shire can do much more to support these assets and maintain the biodiversity that underpins them. Regenerative farming, small-scale diversification of food crops and blue carbon capture should be part of our plan.


Our population is growing, yet we have a great shortage of affordable housing. Our planning has to include affordable public housing. Our planning regulations should encourage both creative repurposing of existing dwellings for community use and the building of sustainable community housing clusters.


As a councillor, I would respectfully listen to all points of view and advocate strongly for community welfare and environment. I would work with Council and the community for a sustainable future.